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Place your offer exactly where you want it and when you want it. Virtually limitless opportunities.

Gain clients on Facebook. Reach them directly on the biggest social network.

If you are not on the internet – do not exist. We will build for you website or online store – which do you choose?

You are not on the first page of Google?

– Then you are invisible!
– Only the first page matters!

Nowadays, online advertising is a must. A high position in Google accounts for more than half of success.

Do you want to pay only for results?

Then Google Adwords is for you. You pay only for the results of advertisement.

Google Adwords advertising is the perfect solution for the most demanding businessmen. Move your business on a higher level!

The biggest social network on the world

– Millions of users
– As many potential clients

Facebook marketing is a great choice if you want to build brand consciousness or reach a large number of receivers.

We make modern style websites.

Your website is the business card of your company. We know how to build websites that earn money.

Leave the building of your website to professionals; we have the necessary know-how and experience.

The most popular modern
method of online advertising of websites is without doubt positioning. It enables you to cut advertisement costs (with the same or even better results) and to make your business completely independent from the existing partners responsible for the company and the website promotion. This is a long-term investment, yet in case of some websites and industries the effects can be seen after a few days!

Choice of keywords
Unlike other companies, we treat every client seriously, even if he or she hasn’t yet had contact with positioning. We will help you choose key words that will ensure the highest conversion rate possible, increase sales, and help you gain new customers. We don’t treat our clients as a source of income – we really care for your website and work hard to ensure it will give superior results. Results, which you can get even for as little as several dozen zloty per month, depending on your industry.

Website optimization
Even a perfectly run positioning may not give results, if it won’t be accompanied by a professional website optimization. Thus, our team works not only on positioning but also on optimizing the source, content and graphics on your website, which will improve indexation and improve its value in the eyes of Google’s crawlers. This is also beneficial for your website image, as it refreshes the layout, and improves your clients’ opinions about the website.

The guarantee of success
If you want to make sure that your advertisement will reach the majority of the potential clients, you should think about making use of the opportunities of Adwords. In case of some niche industries the advertising budget spent on Adwords may be lower than if positioning, and the results may prove much better and faster.

An effective advertising
Adwords is the most effective form of online advertising on Google, which is why it has been embraced by so many websites. Sponsored links are highlighted at the top of the search list, which guarantees that your website will be noticed by Internet users. Our experience in the field of Adwords advertising will ensure a proper choice of key words to promote the website, as well as a wise choice of rates per click, so as to make sure that the advertising budget is spent in a well thought-out- way, providing with the best possible outcome.

Website traffic analysis
Our specialists will not only help you choose basic key words, but they will also monitor them properly. This will help to eliminate words which don’t bring high conversion rate, and don’t ensure high earnings. The money saved this way may be spent on a further advertisement campaign or other key phrases.

A unique design, a modern style website
Do you dream about your own website? Now you can have it, and at a low price. You don’t even have to come up with your own project; our experts will prepare a preliminary draft based on your demands and suggestions. We can guarantee a high quality work using modern technologies and programming languages, as well as a completely unique, functional and complex website, which for sure will make your competition jalous.

A professional website for any type of business
Some companies base their web pages on one template, only changing content, graphics, or menu order. We work differently: each website is done individually, as a separate project, with unique skins, graphics and functionality. Our programmers and graphic designers always build a website having in mind the client’s remarks and general or detailed specifics.

Web standards
A modern style website should stand out not only graphics and content wise. Website building standards and a proper SEO optimization also play a significant role. Even the perfect advertising campaign won’t help if the promoted website is not user and crawler friendly. And this is just the kind of websites we make – optimized, with modern design, and SEO friendly.

Social network profiles
Having a business profile on Facebook is now one of conditions of commercial success. In times when more and more people use social networks, it is really important that your company is also present there, so it can gain new clients this way.

Social media campaigns
Those who think that an advertisement is just a sort of note in a newspaper, or a colourful TV spot, are very mistaken. Nowadays, a big share of customers looks for companies and contractors on the Internet, via webpages such as Facebook. Running adequate social media campaigns, getting new fans for your company profile, and promoting the services of your company there, will for sure help you gain new, valuable customers.

The increased prestige of your company
Facebook is a potent social and marketing tool. By having a business account on Facebook you not only gain new opportunities to reach potential customers, but also it makes your busisness prestige increase. Our specialists will make sure that your business account will be always up-to-date, and your fans will have a constant access to ongoing sales and special offers.

Sales copywriting
Even a perfect website equipped with great thematic graphics won’t achieve much without sales offer. We can provide you with sales letters and e-mails of the highest quality, as well as detailed offers rich with persuasive marketing vocabulary, product descriptions and virtually any kind of sales text.

The strength of advertisement in one word
Internet advertising includes also proper persuasive headers of articles and subpages of your shop’s website, as well as various advertising slogans. You don’t have to worry about it any more – we will create it for you, quickly and professionally.

A unique content on a website
Google frawns upon copied content on websites and it treats such web pages worse than those with a unique content. That is why it is worth investing in web content writing, which we can provide for you, so that you can profit from better positioning results and new customers.

Positioning is a natural alternative to Google Adwords,
which is why it now becomes a very attractive Internet advertising method.
By a proper choice of keywords and website optimization you can get great results,
increase sales, and promote your company or brand.

This is actually the only method of promoting your website, company, brand or even yourself on the Internet without help of other people or advertising systems. Moreover, positioning, if properly carried out, produces sure and long-term results. Thanks to this type of online promotion, you can get to a specific group interested in buying products you have in offer, or in using your services. This also helps you earn more visits to your website, gathering majority traffic from search engines, and makes your company more recognizable and popular in its branch. Thanks to positioning clients will come to you and not to the competition whose websites are ranking lower on Google search results pages.

When it comes to positioning your only task is to … wait for the results. Everything else will be taken care for you by our team, including website optimization and various actions leading to improvement and modernization. We are professionals with several dozens of positioned websites and as many satisfied customers to our credit. We provide full SEO assistance, expert consulting for clients, and clarifying any disputable or unclear matters. We will help you choose optimal key words, and will constantly monitor the position of your website and number of visits that resulte from the key phrases, which will enhance the positioning process.

95% of Internet users in Poland use only Google search engine. This makes for 95% of your potential clients. Make the decision today. The future of your company and your success depends on it.

65% of all Internet users in the world use Google. They also are Your Potential Clients!

You can the world about your offer. Remember that you ONLY pay for the results!

First Google, and then what? Be where they can find you! For consumers looking for products or services, the Internet is the main source of information.

Advertising is a foundation of brand building and a source of new customers.
Advertising on Google is the most reliable
way of promoting your business
– You reach clients you choose and pay only for the results.

Advertising on Google is the most profitable form of advertising. Never before was it so easy to reach exactly who you wanted to – clients are waiting for your offer. Advertising on Google is the best solution for companies which offer a wide range of products or services. Thanks to advertising on Google your offer will reach the client who has already decided to buy, but doesn’t know yet where will they spend their money. When you will decide that advertising on Google is the best form of promotion for your company, call us and we will take care of the rest.

“We build our brand on trust, because we believe that this is the only way to keep clients for life. That is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.” We are your marketing advisor. You can count on our professionalism and full commitment to your case – for us the success of you and your company really matters, because it also means our success. Our company is an expert in internet marketing and positioning. We employ a team of highly qualified specialists, who are a guarantee of superior quality of services. Our advisor will help you choose key words which are adequate to the profile of your business, and will also help determine geographic locations (town, province, and country) where your offer will be promoted.

95% of Internet users in Poland use only Google search engine. Adverising on Google is a guarantee of success and will enable you to reach new clients in just 24 hours from making the decision!

You gain new clients virtually at once – it is a revolutionary advertising method which always brings a profit!

Our advisor will help you choose the best solution, call us today!

If you want to gain new clients, we are here to help.

The decision is yours.

Adverising campaigns on Facebook, building the company brand on social networs, and building a specific community of Internet users around such profiles, are all very effective ways of gaining new clients for your company, and of improving its prestige.

Without doubt, Facebook is a powerful force on the Internet, and even the biggest companies acknowledge its influence and advertise their service there. Now you can join them, by deciding to place your advertisement in the social network – be it a direct ad, on the side menu; or an indirect one, in the form of a business profile created by our specialists. You can choose both options, increasing chances of a positive outcome. By advertising on Facebook, you reach millions of users, while building prestige and fame of your company, and showing modernity and openness to modern business tools.

Advertising on Google is the best solution for companies which provide a wide range of products or services. Thanks to advertising on Google your offer will reach the client who has already decided to buy, but doesn’t know yet where will they spend their money.

When you will decide that advertising on Google is the best form of promotion for your company, call us and we will take care of the rest.

You don’t have to be familiar with Facebook, have Facebook account, or actually do anything. Our specialists will take care of everything. We will create your business profile (fanpage) and build around it a community of Internet users “liking it”, whose activities will further promote your business account, and then also your company, its services and offer. Our social media marketing specialists will make sure to constantly update your Facebook profile, and to gain new clients via your fanpage. We would also suggest running professional advertising campaings on Facebook and displaying your adverts in the side box. Thus they will be visible to all Internet users or just to the group specified by you (according to age, interests, location, etc.), enabling you to gain new customers.

For now, 8 912 100 Internet users in Poland are also Facebook users, which makes for about 39,7% of all Internet users in Poland.

The number of Facebook users increased by
1 087 200 during the last six months.

The biggest group consists of users in the 18-24 age group; there is about 2 762 751 of them on Facebook.

53% of Facebook users are women.

We can help you reach the specified target group with your product; we can choose age, gender, and interests. You get just where you wanted. Could it be any better?

Your website is not on Google? It’s time to change it! Our offer includes:

– A professional website positioning
– Code, content and graphics optimization
– Help with choosing key words
– Monitoring of the website’s position

If your website is not on the first page of Google search with the choosen key phrases, it significantly decreases its worth and the chances that you will be found by Internet users. A high position on the serach list means much more visits to your website, and much more chances of gaining new clients.

Are you looking for an effective advertisement on Google? Consider our Adwords offer:

– A proper choice of key words
– Web traffic analysis
– A well thought out advertising campaign

Adwords advertisement provides a quick and effective way of meeting your promotional goals, but it usually involves big costs, especially in case of popular industries. Our company offers assistance in choosing the key words which will ensure the highest possible conversion (desired actions, such as buying a product, or ordering a service) at miminum cost.

You don’t yet have a business account on Facebook? We can offer you:

– Professional advertising campaings
– Improving credibility of your company
– Building an Internet community around the brand

By leaving the social media tasks, including Facebook­, to our specialists, you can be sure that both your company and its image will profit. Proper advertising campaigns on Facebook can bring you new clients, improve your credibility and your business’ prestige, as well as help building an Internet community around your profile, enabling you to reach even more potential customers.

What is a company website without a proper sales offer?

– SEO optimized content
– Persuasive, advertising vocabulary
– An adequate number of key words
– A variety of text types – from sales texts to product descriptions

We will provide you with sales texts of the highest quality, influencing clients and encouraging them to use your services. We also suggest writing some other types of content, such as product descriptions, sales letters or e-mails. Thanks to us the content of your website will be user-friendly, interesting, and properly optimized.